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¬ŅArtificial Intelligence?

PractiPOS uses technology from to automate your operation. is a Retail Operations Manager expert in retail chains and food service. The Ai Agent controls your sales processes and coordinates your personnel in the operation. We would love to show you how Ai can help your business grow.

How Works

Constantly analyze your transactional data
Work with you to set achivable but challenging goals.
Work with floor sales personnel to complete sales quota on a daily basis.
Follow up with underperformers
Share information with you to correct sales quotas.
Learn results and propose variation in product mix.

Sales Process performs the functions of an operations manager who is interested in achieving the expected sales growth goals. uses conversational language, through WhatsApp or Telegram, to communicate with the organization and manage the achievement of goals and budgets.

This technology is based on historical data of your operation and hierarchical information in your organization.

Let us show you how different your business can be with the help of Ai.

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