In the future, all businesses are going to be powerd by the cloud. The future starts now.

The power of the cloud

Makes the most of your information and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Share a state of the art technology for a fraction of the cost.

¿Why the Cloud?


All your information generated at the POS is sincronized to the cloud. You can backup and view everything with an internet connection.


With PractiPOS all your business is available online without having to worry about servers or configuration problems.


With PractiPOS have at your fingertips performance indicators (KPI) that will help you make good decisions.


PractiPOS gives you a proved inventory management control system with radically simple costs management.


Get an overview of your business with our "Dashboard", or dig into detailed reporting.

All in One

Check information of multiple stores and POS machines from one cloud based solution.