Better control is not necessarily more control

Advanced Inventory Control

PractiPOS includes by default a module ideal for operating simple inventories and costs. But if you want an advanced inventory control system, you can add "PractiPOS Inventory Management", a high-level tool for inventory management and cost control.

Step by Step Inventory

Purchase Orders, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Adjustments and Production Management.

MĂșltiple Warehouses

With all your information centralized in the cloud, you can control and work with multiple warehouses in real time without any configuration or complicated systems integration.

Valued Inventories

PractiPOS manages inventory valuation using a weighted average cost, allowing you to have in real time the amount and value of product inventory.

Cost Control

PractiPOS has integrated into its warehouse management system a standard recipe process and cost control. The process seeks a food cost target in all the process for your operation.

The Advanced Inventory Control system is an add-on to the PractiPOS standard account. Upgrade from your account. If you don't have a PractiPOS account yet, get the free demo.

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