Help just one chat away.

Tech Support for your Business

All accounts come with customer support via WhatsApp . If you have a problem, a question or just want to know more about PractiPOS, write to our support center by WhatsApp.

(305) 479-3387


After 10 years supporting business critical applications with multiple tools, we found that the speed and versatility of a mobile chat system such as WhatsApp is the best tool to connect to an immediate and efficient tech support.

While the system is easy to handle, install and configure, PractiPOS has for all active accounts a help desk via WhatsApp. Behind each issue there is a real flesh and blood PractiPOS consultant. You can rest assured an industry expert will handle your issued regarding PractiPOS.

Contact your tech support at (305) 479-3387 in the US. Outside the US you can contact tech support at +(593) 99831-9818